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What is the Unified Analytics Platform?


When was the last time that we saw a product announcement for ‘data analysis’? Instead, we’ve seen a lot of advancement in data storage, pipeline, ETL, metric stores, governance, dashboards. The last time a friend asked me how to put product data together quickly, I recommended Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Amplituide, or Jupyter for deeper analyses. These tools are all 10 or so years old (though Jupyter is 7), so why haven’t there been any advances in data analysis tools? Enter the unified analytics platform.

The Problem: Out-of-date Tools for Analysis, Tool Fragmentation, Tribal Knowledge

Current data analysis suffers from two disconnects, first, between people and other people and, second, between people and tools because the modern data stack is fragmented and it’s too difficult to maintain context across all the tools.

  1. Knowledge about data is currently tribal, meaning it is consolidated in the minds of one or a few data owners and experts who have worked extensively with a table, analysis, question, or product
  2. Related: to accomplish a single analysis, you have to move between a discovery platform, the DWH or SQL IDE, visualization, documentation, and email or slack - toggling across each of these tools loses context and can be a frustrating experience, especially if a data requester has feedback or wants to challenge or amend the analysis.

The Solution: The Unified Analytics Platform

Kaldea presents a new approach to data analysis for data analysts and scientists, and their stakeholders who need data right now: the unified analytics platform

Kaldea’s unified analytics platform allows you to do all your work from discovery to query and modeling to reporting in a single platform and it tracks your analytics footprint as you do your work, so you can easily discover or learn how colleagues do their analysis, what queries they use, what tables, etc.


Kaldea’s solution for data analysis makes it simpler, faster, more productive and fun in three ways.

Kaldea …

  1. Unifies the analytics workflow so you can accomplish everything faster from discover to reporting in one platform
  2. Connects your data, its context, and your analysis so it lives side-by-side, meaning you never lose context
  3. Builds and organizes your work and knowledge in Kaldea so it’s the single source of context among colleagues

Unifying analytics in one platform

For too long, data analysts and scientists have had to live with tooling that separates the query from the table, and everything that goes along with it. This simple disconnect is indicative of the broader fragmentation in tools for analysis.

The concept that the table’s connection to its query is necessary hasn’t been explored by data warehouse query editors and SQL IDEs. At the same time, data discovery tools stop at creating a relationship between query and table by giving the analyst and scientist a table catalog and lineage.

Kaldea thinks we should connect all this information and use it to build more queries in the one place you do all your analysis.


From start to finish of the analytics experience, Kaldea offers a seamless experience from discovery, analysis, to reporting so you can accomplish all your work quickly in one place without switching contexts.

  • Query Editor. Kaldea offers a query editor wherever you need it, putting it where you already do all the work required of your analysis.
  • Seamless transition to analysis, docs, viz, and reporting. You can open a new page directly from a query allowing you to document, perform deeper analysis, start a visualization or link it to a report.
  • Save queries, so you never lose them. You can also save your queries, so you never lose the context of a table or analysis. You can go back to them and duplicate your work, or search other related saved queries.


  • UX designed for fast analysis. Kaldea’s mission is to make analysis faster, simpler, more productive and fun, so the experience of the data analyst and scientist is crucial. We make it easy for you to view critical information side by side or to move quickly from step to step by creating shortcuts.
  • No-code job scheduling. Reporting becomes easier because the data analyst and scientist can do no-code job scheduling without intervening with your workflow manager.

Analytics Platform + Context: So your colleagues won’t have to

A unified analytics platform also connects every part of your work so you eliminate data silos, e.g. between your query editor or IDE and your catalog, or other discovery tool. Now, the context of your data is in one place, easy to find and understand.


This includes:

  • Table catalog
  • Table lineage
  • Column schemas, tags, and descriptions
  • Table Wiki
  • Data freshness
  • Alerts for any changes made
  • Context rich discovery in related saved queries or frequently joined table
  • Search to find reports, tables, queries, jobs, and docs that provide the context for your analyses.

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 11.07.59 AM

Unified Analytics = Virtuous cycle: the more you work in Kaldea, the easier analysis becomes

The more you use Kaldea’s unified analytics platform, the more Kaldea builds connections between queries, tables, and related saved queries into positive feedback loops that make analysis easier to accomplish. In this way, Kaldea indexes metadata about how you and your team use data, meaning there’s more context at your fingertips to accelerate discovery and analyze faster.

Analytics Platform + Workspace: So you can collaborate and eliminate tribal knowledge

Kaldea offers an intuitive workspace that will be the single source of your work in context for you and your team. Organize you analyses, reports, queries, and more in a single workspace and then connect it to projects and team. You can build custom docs or use the templated docs to start more quickly. Then share and manage permissions easily.


Unified analytics for faster, simpler, more productive and fun analysis

Kaldea’s unified analytics platform consolidates the entire workflow of the analyst and scientist into one platform, creating a virtuous cycle by building connections among your analyses and assets, and enabling you to organize all this information in an intuitive workspace so you can collaborate and establish a single-source of truth.

Shouldn’t analysis be faster, simpler, more productive and, dare we say, fun? Yes, we think so.

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