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Kaldea announces SOC2 Type II Report


Kaldea is a collaborative data analytics platform for teams who use some of their most sensitive data to source insight, understanding, and confidence for their colleagues and company. We’re announcing Kaldea’s SOC2 Type II report to give these teams—beginning at our private launch—confidence in our data security and operational standards.

For Kaldea, the SOC2 Type II report is the starting point of Kaldea’s security; not a future requirement. Beginning with our private product launch, we are SOC2 Type II compliant, so we’re able to work with companies with the most stringent security and deployment requirements on day one.

This starting point is important. Kaldea created its base requirements by interviewing 100+ data scientists, data analysts, product managers, marketers, business owners, and executives from 50+ companies from Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York to Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore. We designed Kaldea from its inception to serve companies in all phases of their data growth and productivity, whether SMBs or Enterprise companies, to meet the needs of all these data professionals. We’ve delivered, then, SOC2 compliance as a baseline.

SOC2 Type 2 TL;DR

Essentially, Kaldea’s SOC2 Type II report attests that we’ve developed internal controls, systems, procedures, and policies to protect customer data and that we operate effectively to deliver this over a long period of time. Many companies require SOC2 from their vendors, so we’re meeting these standards from day one. You can find out the basics of SOC2 here.

Security as a first-principle

 We’re making it simpler, faster, more productive and fun for analysts to work, whether reporting key metrics for your company, genuinely discovering your data and performing novel analyses, or building a true understanding of your business, product, team, or campaign. So data must be secure, private, available, confidential, and processed with integrity. For Kaldea, security is a first-principle; it’s where we begin.

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